Follow in your ancestors’ footsteps As the ultimate experience of your family’s history, we can work with you to plan an itinerary following the sites and locations that helped to shape your family’s past. We would arrange visits to individual locations, placing each in the context of Welsh history and events with which it may be linked. Accompanied research visits You may decide that you would want to do as much of the research as possible yourself, but need help to maximise the time that you have available. You may, for instance, only be able to set aside a few days or a week to visit all archive locations. In that case we would help you to plan your itinerary to use your time effectively.   These are entirely bespoke offerings, tailored to your own plans and aspirations. Tel +44 (0)1446 711557 Mob +44 (0)7747 021832 © Welsh Family History Research 2015